What if Jenni is unavailable on the date of my event?

First of all, DON’T WORRY. As mentioned previously, each member of TJGB has at least 2 ‘deps’ – professional musicians who can fill the shoes of whoever is unavailable with complete confidence. Every one of these musicians has done countless gigs with the TJGB so they know the songs inside out and it is their job to be prepared to jump in at any given moment. Jenni’s dep (aka Number 2) is Victoria Cole – TJGB effectively has two singers, so that we are prepared for any eventuality and, more importantly, so that we can ensure availability. Jenni and Vicky have been training together with the same singing teacher since they were little nippers and have a very similar singing style and work ethic. Vicky has a wealth of experience in weddings and events and is a strong and confident vocalist, as well as being a fantastic performer. Jenni trusts her implicitly in representing her and the band on the rare occasion when she can’t be there, so we ask that you reciprocate that trust.